Moff Animal Cafe: Kaihin Makuhari

One of a chain of multi-species animal cafes, this branch of Moff is the smallest, and the only one without a cat room. It's also probably the least interesting in terms of animal interactions - the parakeets in the small-bird room will perch on your head and shoulders for a few minutes and the giant parrots will squawk loudly at you, but otherwise the animals are fairly indifferent to human visitors. Even the resident meerkat, usually a rather friendly animal, here seems more interested in inspecting visitors' shoelaces than in playing with people.

During our visit we did get to observe one of the parrots swooping around the room on command, and most visitors took advantage of this unexpected photo opportunity. In addition to numerous birds and one meerkat, other resident animals include hedgehogs, several types of owl, a giant tortoise, a few lizards, guinea pigs and rabbits.

As at other branches, you can pay a small extra fee for unlimited coffee, tea and soda. You can choose a cup for either hot or cold drinks, and you can switch any time you like. This branch is located inside the Aeon Family Mall, and attracts visitors of all ages. Children up to 3 years old are admitted free of charge.

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Moff Animal Cafe
Kaihin Makuhari / Animal cafe
Open 10am-8pm (enter by 7pm) daily.
Admission Y1000 (no time limit); optional soft-drink bar Y200
Average visit time: 20-60 minutes
Chiba, Chiba-shi, Mihama-ku, Toyosuna 1-5, Aeon Mall Family Mall 3F.