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About animal cafes

What sort of pricing systems do animal cafes use?

Animal cafes generally follow one of two pricing systems: 1) a typical coffee shop style where you pay for individual drinks and food from a menu, plus an additional cover charge, or 2) a one-fee-covers-all style, where you pay a certain amount for a fixed time period and drinks are free.

How much does it all add up to?

You should budget between 1,000 yen to 2,000 per hour at an animal cafe for a drink and petting session (when available). Of course, with extras such as extra time charges and animal treats, you might find it a little bit more expensive.

How much time can I spend there?

Most of the cafes are very popular with local residents and tourists, so you may be asked to leave as soon as your time is up. On less busy days, it may be possible to extend your stay for a further thirty minutes or one hour. Some cafes have time limits, however, so make the most of your time. (For example, Kotori Cafe Aoyama has a one-hour time limit.)

It's also recommended that you visit on a weekday, if possible.

What about hygiene?

Most cafes have their own rules for petting the animals. Generally, before and after touching an animal, you will be asked to clean your hands with disinfectant (usually provided in the cafe) or in the washroom.

Can I play with the animals?

Many cafes offer a chance to interact with the animals. You may be asked to disinfect your hands before and after touching them. It goes without saying that you should be careful not to make any sudden movements or grabbing actions that might startle the animals. You are also asked not to disturb sleeping animals. Some cafes do not permit any interaction with the animals, other than observing and photographing them.

Do I need to take off my shoes?

In order to create that at-home feel, many cafes require that customers take off their shoes, so make sure you are wearing socks or stockings. If you are not wearing socks, you might be asked to buy a pair of socks or loaned a pair of slippers to wear in the cafe.

What about rabbit poop?

Rabbits poop a lot, and the petting space may occasionally be littered with little round dung pellets. The animal cafe may provide you with paper towels and sheets to protect your clothes.

Can I feed the animals?

It may be possible to feed the animals - depending on the feeding times and the cafe's policy. In such cases, animal feed or vegetable snacks are usually on sale in the cafe for an additional fee of 100 yen or so.

Are the animals running wild in the cafe?

For hygiene, many cafes have separate zones, one for eating and drinking, and another for getting close to the animals. Usually customers eat and drink first, and then move into the animal enclosure to pet the animals. Cat cafes, on the other hand, generally are set up with a combination playroom and cafe area.

Can I take photos?

Almost all cafes allow cameras and phones, but make sure that the flash is turned off so as not to startle the animals.

When is the best time to visit an animal cafe?

For most urban cafes we'd strongly recommend weekdays rather than weekends, as the cafes tend to be less crowded. In cat cafes, resident cats seem to be most active soon after opening and at feeding times (which vary from shop to shop). Also, cats are said to be most active (least sleepy) around dawn and dusk, so the period from 4:30-6pm might be worth trying.

Are children allowed?

Generally most cafes don't allow young children, but policies vary from shop to shop, so check the website of the shop you wish to visit.

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We currently ship to the following countries and regions:

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Shipments to most parts of the world take around a week to ten days, sometimes faster. For overseas orders, all goods are shipped via Japan Post EMS, an insured expedited service with tracking available. A tracking number is provided upon shipment, allowing the customer to track the delivery on the EMS website.

How much does shipping cost?

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We currently handle all our payments through PayPal, however even if you don't have a PayPal account you can use one of the credit cards that PayPal accepts - American Express, Mastercard, Visa or Discover.

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What is your return policy?

Animal Cafes.com is committed to customer satisfaction and offers a full refund of the cost of the item plus original shipping provided that the customer contacts us at Customer Service within 72 hours of receipt of the item, and returns said item in the same condition it was delivered, in the same packaging, at their own cost to Japan within seven days of receipt.

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