Hari du Ange: Osaka Juso

One of the least fancy animal cafes we've ever been to, Hari du Ange is basically just a small pet shop run by hedgehog breeders. The main room is filled with cages and furnished with a few low tables, each of which comes with a blanket to put on your lap. As you sit at your table, the people who run the shop will bring over hedgehogs, chinchillas, mice and other small animals for you to pet or feed.

Some of the animals are more enthusiastic about this than others - for example our first hedgehog just wanted to burrow into the inside of a glove that was sitting on the table. The surprisingly soft chinchilla we met soon took off and started running around the shop, while the lemmings weren't allowed out of their tank. One big rabbit and one small mouse seemed to most enjoy being petted, and a tiny sugar glider was happy to be fed milk from a dropper.

While Hari du Ange doesn't have quite the visitor amenities of other cafes (there's no coffee, for one thing), during our visit we did get to look at and touch several exotic animals that we wouldn't have otherwise encountered. Note that no one here speaks English, so it would be rather difficult to visit without speaking Japanese.

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Hari du Ange
Osaka Juso / Animal cafe
Open 3-10pm (Sat, Sun 1-10) daily.
Cover charge Y1500 for one hour; no drinks served
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes
Osaka-shi, Yodogawa-ku, Tagawakita 2-1-2.
10 minutes from Juso station (Hankyu)