Cat St.: Nagoya

Arriving soon after opening time on a weekday, we encountered a playroom full of very active cats, chasing each other over an obstacle course of shelves and tables and the occasional seated visitor. The twenty or so cats here seem to get along very well with each other, and they're quite capable of providing their own entertainment with wrestling matches and acrobatic competitions. At times it feels like the staff and visitors are completely superfluous.

The playroom itself has ample seating and other visitor amenities - several comfortable sofas along one wall, extra floor cushions and tables for those who prefer sitting at cat level, and a cat-free break room where you can help yourself to complimentary coffee and soft drinks. The cover charge for a visit starts at thirty minutes, with thirty-minute extensions, and cat treats are available for purchase at Y200.

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Cat St.
Nagoya / Cat cafe
Open 11:30am-8pm. Closed Tuesdays.
Nagoya Naka-ku, Sakae 3-9-10, Mitsuboshi Bldg 4F.