Usagito Cafe: Nagoya

While the cafe component of many rabbit cafes can be rudimentary at best, Usagito devotes quite a bit of space to their cafe area, and offers substantial fare like fettucine, cheese penne and curry rice well as the usual coffee, tea and dessert. Admission includes a cup of coffee or other soft drink, which you can have either before or after you play with the rabbits, and there's an English menu if you want to order more.

Cover charge for the cafe's "visitor plan" is Y1660 with no time limit, although the fine print mentions that the unlimited time might be limited to one hour when they're very crowded. Still though, on an uncrowded weekday it was nice to relax over coffee without checking the clock, as our eyes gradually became acclimated to the cafe's bright pink decor.

The rabbit zone is much more austere, with three brightly lit playrooms, although one was closed to let the rabbits take a break, and one was being cleaned when we visited. Change into slippers when you enter, and you will be given a blanket so that rabbits can sit on your lap. There are usually three or four rabbits running loose, and you can feed them if you like - a dish of rabbit snacks is Y200, and it resembles potpourri rather than the usual pellets or raw vegetables.

At the entrance to the cafe is a rather large shop, offering perhaps the biggest selection of rabbit-themed plush toys, coffee mugs and knickknacks we've ever seen gathered in one spot. You can also adopt a rabbit here, and they provide kennel service and operate a rabbit beauty salon.

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Usagito Cafe
Nagoya / Rabbit cafe
Open 1-7:50pm (Sat, Sun 11am-7:50). Closed Tuesdays.
Cover charge Y1660; includes one drink
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes
Nagoya Naka-ku, Osu 4-1-71, Yabacho Chukoma Bldg 3F.