Calaugh: Tokyo Asakusa

One of the most food-focused cat cafes in Tokyo, Calaugh serves light dishes like galettes and curries, with beer, wine and cocktails supplementing the usual coffee and tea. Before 6pm there's a one-beverage minimum order in lieu of a cover charge, and coffee and soft drinks start at Y800. On weekends during the day you can pay for a three-hour session, which includes drinks.

The atmosphere is more subdued than average - the cats seem to enjoy chlling out in the cardboard boxes at each table rather than chasing each other around. The staff is quite attentive though, and will introduce you to a cat or two if your table is temporarily catless. In addition to cafe tables there are also a couple of comfortable sofa areas where you can stretch out.

There's no age limit for visitors, but children under twelve are only allowed to stay until 6pm.

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Tokyo Asakusa / Cat cafe
Open 11am-10pm. Closed Mondays.
Y500 table charge after 6pm; Y1800 for three-hour cafe package on weekends before 6pm
Average visit time: 40-60 minutes
Kaminari 2-19-13, Asakusa-ekimae Bldg 2F.