Neko no Kanzume: Tokyo Nakano

[Update: closed] A relatively small neighborhood establishment, "Can of Cats" is noteworthy for their very playful cats, and human staff who go out of their way to keep them entertained with a full complement of cat toys and a lot of energy. Unlike most cafes, you're allowed to pick up and hold the animals here in addition to petting them - the staff will tell you which ones enjoy it and which are off-limits.

Easy chairs and ottomans here are fairly comfortable, although the chairs tend to be occupied by sleepy felines. Cat furniture is more elaborate than average, with numerous well-used climbing towers, perches and cubbyholes. There are fifteen cats and kittens in all, so there's always some activity, and occasionally a bit of drama, although staff are quick to quell any disturbances.

The cover charge includes a soft drink, and you can help yourself to a bottle from the fridge. Cat snacks are included in the price too.

The cafe is located up two flights of stairs in a small office building alongside the Nakano Broadway complex. Ring the doorbell when you reach the third floor.

Neko no Kanzume
Tokyo Nakano / Cat cafe
Open noon-8pm (Sat, Sun 11am-8). Closed Wednesdays, first and third Thursdays.
Cover charge is Y1000 for the first hour on weekdays, Y1200 on weekends
Average visit time: 60 minutes
Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-68-9, AK Bldg 3F.