Ragdoll Namba: Osaka Namba

The first thing you notice when you enter Ragdoll is the big central table, crowded with boxes, baskets and bowls full of cats. The playroom is spacious, with walls that are carpeted up to stretching-cat height and a big collection of cat toys put away neatly in a drawer labeled "Toys."

There are twenty cats in all, and the shop's policy of providing all visitors with small tubs of chicken breast meat means that the cats here tend to be more alert than average. While the larger branch of Ragdoll located about five minutes from here has more cats (24 at last count), they also have room for more visitors, so this smaller branch has a better cat-to-visitor ratio.

The admission charge here is Y1000 for the first hour, which includes a soft drink and a complimentary kitty treat. Drinks include orange and apple juices, coffee and 23 kinds of flavored teas. Additional drinks are Y300, and kitty treats are Y100.

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Ragdoll Namba
Osaka Namba / Cat cafe
Open noon-10pm daily.
Average visit time: 60 minutes
Namba Sennichimae 13-6, Dai-ichi Bldg 5F.