Dog Heart from Aquamarine: Tokyo Yoyogi-Koen

A pack of happy, tail-wagging pups greeted us in boisterous fashion upon our arrival at Dog Heart, letting us know that we'd be in for a lively afternoon at one of Tokyo's more gregarious animal cafes. Unlike the often reserved residents of your typical cat cafe, the sixteen dogs here are just thrilled to have human visitors and they aren't shy about letting you know it.

After you check in and wash your hands you'll be issued an apron to protect your street clothes. Please note that unsecured apron strings may be mistaken for chew toys. There's one large sofa, but if that's occupied by other visitors you can stretch out on cushions on the floor.

Wherever you choose to sit, friendly dogs will come to you to be petted, initiate games of fetch, or take a snooze in your lap. If you want to take a break, next to the playroom is a small, dogless cafe area where you can help yourself to tea, soda or juice for Y100 a drink.

On our most recent visit, the canine staff comprised a pack of toy poodles, beagles and a lone golden retriever. Should you want to get some fresh air and exercise (and if you don't mind performing clean-up duties), you can take one of the dogs out for a walk in nearby Yoyogi Park - just choose the "dog rental" option when you check in.

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Dog Heart from Aquamarine
Tokyo Yoyogi-Koen / Animal cafe
Open 11am-7pm daily.
Y950 for 30 minutes or Y1550 for 60 minutes cover charge in the cafe. Dog rental starts at Y3600 for 1 hour.
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes
Tomigaya 1-45-2, Y's Park Bldg 2F.