Wan Nyan Chu 2: Kyoto Kawaramachi

This second branch of Kyoto's most popular cat cafe has a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere than the main shop, with plenty of comfortable nooks and crannies for human visitors as well as the twenty resident cats to stretch out in.

The admission price is a bit higher than average, but it's not all that steep considering the cafe's very central location, and you do get a nice cup of green tea and a bean-paste dessert along with your hour of cat time. Cat treats are available for a small additional charge and we recommended them as an efficient way to earn the affection of the sleepy cats here.

The cafe also operates a separate kitten room, and this is the first time we've seen a kitten surcharge - an extra Y300 for fifteen minutes with the three resident kittens. In other cafes kittens are arbitrarily placed in cages for rest time when they get tired out, so perhaps this arrangement makes sense.

In addition to your complimentary tea and sweets you can order juice or beer a la carte. The shop is located on a side street, up on the third floor of an office building. It shares the floor with a tattoo studio called Catclaw, so be careful not to go to the wrong shop by accident.

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Wan Nyan Chu 2
Kyoto Kawaramachi / Cat cafe
Open noon-9pm daily.
Cover charge: Y1,500 yen for one hour, includes green tea and sweets.
Average visit time: 60 minutes
Kyoto-shi, Nakagyou-ku, Isayacho 354-1, Kyara Bldg, 3F East.
5 minutes from Kawaramachi station (Hankyu Kyoto line)