Nyanny: Kobe Motomachi

Located near Motomachi station, Nyanny might serve as an alternative cat cafe destination in case for some reason you can't get into Miacis because they're full. The atmosphere in the smallish playroom here can be a bit close, although there is a separate cat-free cafe area set up in front of the shop. Thirteen cats are in residence.

The architectural highlight of the space is a plexiglas walkway suspended from the ceiling and running the length of the room; there are also the usual climbing trees and perches. Cat snacks are available for Y100 (dry) or Y300 (special) - the dry ones seem to do the job though.

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Kobe Motomachi / Cat cafe
Open 11am-10pm (enter by 9). Closed 3rd Tuesday.
Cover charge is Y1000 for the first hour of cat time on weekdays (Y1200 with a soft drink, Y1500 with an alcoholic beverage).
Average visit time: 60 minutes
Motomachi-dori 2-6-11, 3F.