Kotori Cafe Kichijoji: Tokyo Kichijoji

Some two dozen finches, parakeets and other small birds are on display at this second, smaller branch of Omotesando's Kotori Cafe, located right across the street from the Ghibli Museum. The birds occupy a couple of glassed-in areas looking out onto the cafe, and provide a lively backdrop for a post-Ghibli coffee break.

The birds are mostly colorful cockatiels, rosy-faced lovebirds and canary-barred parakeets. Unlike its sister branch, this cafe offers no opportunities to pet the birds in the aviary.

A coffee and cake set runs Y1620, and the wide-ranging shop area sells everything from bird-themed calendars and coffee mugs to parrot plush toys.

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Kotori Cafe Kichijoji
Tokyo Kichijoji / Bird cafe
Open 10:30am-6pm. Closed 3rd Tuesday.
Average visit time: 30-45 minutes
Mitaka-shi, Shimorenjaku 1-14-7.
14 minutes from Mitaka station; 14 minutes from Kichijoji station; 7 minutes by bus from Kichijoji station