Usagi no Ehon: Tokyo Shimo-Kitazawa

Even among Tokyo's animal cafes, Usagi no Ehon (Rabbit Picturebook) pushes the twee end of the scale, with dozens of children's picture books lining the walls, shelves filled with bunny-themed knick-knacks and plush toys, and a decor heavily influenced by late-period Peter Rabbit. It's the smaller of Shimo-Kitazawa's two rabbit cafes, and most seating is on the floor at miniature tables in a common play area, where a few rabbits at a time roam free.

There are also a couple of fenced-in pen areas that you can step into for more one-on-one rabbit time, and other rabbits you can visit in their cages. When you arrive you're issued a small dish of rabbit treats which you can dispense as you see fit. Around seven rabbits are on active duty, although not all are running around at any given time. The bunnies here are the very popular Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf breeds, or hybrids.

The cover charge is Y150 per thirty minutes, and you also must order food or a beverage from the menu. Drinks are Y550, while food items include pancakes and a pasta lunch of the day. We were lucky enough to snag the only normal-size table for our lunch - a very tasty spaghetti peperoncino with bacon and spring vegetables. Our pasta plus iced coffee came to Y950.

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Usagi no Ehon
Tokyo Shimo-Kitazawa / Rabbit cafe
Open 1-6pm. Closed Mondays, Thursdays.
Y150 per 30 minutes, plus one order from the set menu
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes
Kitazawa 3-30-1, K Bldg 2F.
Shimo-Kitazawa station