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Dog-themed art through the ages
shoto museum dog show

Shoto Museum of Art in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood has put together a crowd-pleasing exhibition exploring the role of dogs in art through the centuries. Some ninety works of art will be on display in the small musuem, and the show, called "Inu Inu Inu" ("Dog Dog Dog"), runs through the end of May. Check the museum's website for more information.

shoto museum dog show
Images: Shoto Museum of Art


Cute Diode-character Folding Umbrella
This high-quality folding umbrella exudes high-tech electronic wizardry with its "transistorized" design.

It appears to be a simple black brolly decorated with colorful diodes and amps, but a closer look reveals that all the electronic components are cute, friendly characters.Even the handle has a smiley face.

Japanese customers love this item so much that some of them prefer not to take it out in the rain. (If you do take it out for a spin, it folds and fits easily into a bag or briefcase when not in use.)

From the up-and-coming Japanese design group Kuralab.

Dimensions: 9.1 inches (230mm) long when collapsed; 35.4-inch (900mm) diameter when open.
PRICE: US$29, €26
Shipping: $13
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