Tori no Iru Cafe: Tokyo Kiba

Enjoy the company of owls and parrots while sipping your herb tea and snacking on owl-shaped cookies and coffee jellies. Tori no Iru also offers a selection of beers and wines that feature birds of prey on their labels, including three varieties of the excellent Hitachino Nest Beer (weitzen, white ale, sweet stout) as well as Steenuilke ("Little Owl"), a blond beer from Belgium (all Y1000/bottle).

Assorted owls and a small eagle hang out in the two glassed-in areas at the front of the cafe, while parrots and a cockatoo squawk and cavort in cages along one wall. A big artificial tree adds to the tropical atmosphere, and tables and shelves are crowded with bird-themed knickknacks.

After you're finished your coffee you can pet a couple of the tamer owls (after disinfecting your hands) - they don't seem to mind, but they aren't all that enthusiastic either. The cafe's facilities also include a bird hotel, for your feathered friends who might need temporary lodging; rates start at Y1000/night for small birds.

The bird staff includes Harris's hawk, Eurasian eagle-owl, spotted eagle-owl, rufous-legged owl, greyish eagle-owl, Indian eagle-owl, Ural owl, blue-and-yellow macaw, white-bellied caique, black-headed caique, chattering lory, African grey parrot and panda cockatoo (hybrid of endangered white cockatoo and little corella).

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Tori no Iru Cafe
Tokyo Kiba / Bird cafe
Open 1-10pm. Closed Wednesdays.
Kiba 2-6-7, Seven Star Mansion 1F.
4 minutes from Kiba station (Tozai line)