Floche: Tokyo Yotsuya

[Update: Floche is now open only on weekends and holidays.] Basically a rabbit pet shop and pet hotel, Floche has set up a tiny cafe area where you can enjoy a coffee break with rabbits in the background. If you want more interaction, there's a playroom area where you can feed and play with one rabbit at a time, and exchange rabbits whenever you like.

Our first rabbit, which resembled a fluffy grey mophead, was on the shy side, but the second one - a big brown English rabbit (so we were told) with long floppy ears was extremely sociable. And also quite demanding, as long as we had snacks in our possession. By the way the snack plate on offer here for Y150 is one of the more deluxe versions in town, with shiso leaves and parsley adding some variety to the usual carrots and lettuce.

In addition to time in the playroom you can visit and feed the other rabbits in their cages. There were at least a couple dozen here, of all shapes and sizes, many of them very pretty. Most of the rabbits are for sale, so this is a good place to get to know your rabbit's personality before you adopt.

The cafe menu includes coffee, juice, ice cream and cake, and prices start at around Y500 for iced coffee. There's a separate cover charge (Y500) for time in the playroom

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Tokyo Yotsuya / Rabbit cafe
Open noon-7pm. Closed weekdays.
Y500 for rental of a rabbit play booth, plus one order from the cafe menu (from Y540)
Average visit time: 30 minutes
Yotsuya 1-22-12, KR Bldg 2F.